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Please take a look at some of the design and coding I have produced over the last few years.

Apart from creating beautiful images I enjoy solving complex design problems. These problems can often involve spatial, branding and usability issues as well as management of people's choices and preferences. I enjoy creating practical solutions that inspire, delight and convert interest into action.

For all your online and print branding requirements - I can help. I can also help you with search engine optimisation and marketing, social networking and general creative marketing advice. I'm also a whiz and creating CSS driven templates from scratch. All in the shortest space of time.

I'll turn the vision into something everyone can see and enjoy.

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Print, Logos & Icons

web pages

Banners and some very old favourites

web pages

Recent functioning websites

web pages

These sites were all built by me.

Old Portfolio 1 (less old)

Old Portfolio 2 (oldest)

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